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Music collaborations / Off to Thessaloniki

UPDATE Dec. 23 ~ Gig Confirmed at Thessaloniki’s cool dive– The Silver Dollar  on Dec. 29th!


First day of Winter (though mild as Spring)!  Was such a dynamic Fall I had little time to post on music news and collaborations since September, really.  Finally got a track out, “Final Stance,” with Saedsixsixsix (band side-project out of Connecticut.   “Fierce, dark, hard driving. what’s not to like?” — S. Rock, Soundcloud comment

Cool underground music & art collaborative out of Russia embedded and played my 2015 original music on their online radio show in November, bringing more listens to my solo composition stuff in a condensed timeframe than ever before experienced.

Most significantly, though, has been hooking up with Come With Reverse, dark post-punk band made up of similar classically-trained musicians out of Thessaloniki ~ Greece’s 2nd-largest, northern, cultural, cool four-university city.  Been in communication throughout Fall, minimally collaborating in studio and talk of some possible live work.  (Posts already up, too, of side soundtrack project  w/Reverse’s keyboardist Alex Passalides, too.)  

Off to Greece late Xmas afternoon~ ‘lil rehearsing, studio work with the band, possible live gig in Thessaloniki or nearby, lots of good music talk, and finding ease of life for 9.5 days (“Halara”)….

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