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UPDATE on this site / Posts suspended

       Ohhh, too much time spent promoting and not enough creating.  This site over the years has become immense.  I have pared down the site but retain info should anyone be interested in seeing more on previous teaching, counseling, consulting, speaking engagements that are referenced in Artist Biography at bottom of this Home page.  

My most important work updates (most all relating to my original music) can still be found on this website, mixed in with some choice older work links, images, etc. …. as well as here:

Discography:  … also note many, many minor compositions other than those on Bandcamp page for any interested listeners.

Promotional efforts are aided by my Facebook Lisamilesviolin page, Instagram page and Twitter feed.  


Apologies for any page or post links that appear as “not there” (made private), as best effort was made to order the site less unwieldy, with surely a few links overlooked.  Again, any interest in work referenced but not appearing or that you have heard about it, please contact Lisa


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