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Music engineered/ mastered by mike michalski


Great to be working again with my good friend & collaborator Mike Michalski, who’ll be engineering/ mastering my music.

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Music Downloads available for purchase on Bandcamp

In addition to my 2015 latest Music Posts streaming on SoundCloud ,

Downloads of my Music are now available for sale on Bandcamp 







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“Bowl Dance” up on YouTube

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May Day for Creative Workers

May Day was especially colorful this year.  Jan, our dog Jesse and I headed over to Polish Hill, Pgh’s unique ethnic / Punk Rock neighborhood to join the festivities.  Celebrating (esp.  in my mind) the Artist as Worker….


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Lisamilesviolin YouTube Channel

CHECK OUT “PRESENCE” In Segments on YouTube.  (Performance piece on finding authentic self.)  Finally got ’em posted, and channel established.

As well, there you’ll find my PA Books Cable TV interview, Jan’s Electric Banana Arts & Music Intv., Ray Geiger’s art and more (inspirations in music and art and life).


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Invited to write feature essay on Creativity, Artists & Mental Health


Ian Thomas, Compensation, 2013 Slab-built, molded earthenware, slip, electric fired, paint, image transfer, charcoal, 18” x 8” x 8” thread, glue 96” x 84” x 48


Mid-Winter, I was commissioned to write the Feature Catalog Essay for The Society for Contemporary Crafts‘ upcoming exhibition,“Mindful: Exploring Mental Health Through Art.”

This will be a unique exhibition offering powerful artistic responses on the role creativity plays in self-expression and mental health, as well as looking at the links between artistic tendencies, attempts to live creatively, and mental dis-ease. 

Looking forward to reflecting and writing on this in the upcoming months….

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Soundcloud Music Posts!

20 Posts up on Soundcloud— Nice to get my Music in one place, playable!



Indie /Punk Playlist

Indie: Punk comp



Soundscape /Ambient Dark Playlist




Electric / Dark 2015 Rough Tracks Playlist




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New SoundCloud Posts

New SoundCloud Music Posts as of yesterday

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SoundCloud is where you’ll find me posting music now (beyond informationals & some audio on my Original Music page here on my website).  Some older tracks here and there, but mainly new tracks….

As well, you’ll find the work of some of those currently inspiring me.

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