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Music engineered/ mastered by mike michalski


Great to be working again with my good friend & collaborator Mike Michalski, who’ll be engineering/ mastering my music.

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Music Downloads available for purchase on Bandcamp

In addition to my 2015 latest Music Posts streaming on SoundCloud ,

Downloads of my Music are now available for sale on Bandcamp 







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Invited to write feature essay on Creativity, Artists & Mental Health


Ian Thomas, Compensation, 2013 Slab-built, molded earthenware, slip, electric fired, paint, image transfer, charcoal, 18” x 8” x 8” thread, glue 96” x 84” x 48


Mid-Winter, I was commissioned to write the Feature Catalog Essay for The Society for Contemporary Crafts‘ upcoming exhibition,“Mindful: Exploring Mental Health Through Art.”

This will be a unique exhibition offering powerful artistic responses on the role creativity plays in self-expression and mental health, as well as looking at the links between artistic tendencies, attempts to live creatively, and mental dis-ease. 

Looking forward to reflecting and writing on this in the upcoming months….

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