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La Source ~ L’Ordre d’Heloise

A pleasure to play for Alain Moreaux & Jerome on L’Ordre d’Héloïse’s latest.  Perhaps some sonic beauty on 9/11 today…

 “I knew the beginning of time; shade, peaks and then the wind…”


(English lyrics below French on Soundcloud).  

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“As Moths” collab w/ Italian lyricist

So it was my pleasure yesterday to post a recent collaboration w/ Loredana Fayer. She is an Italian poet and lyricist to many a postpunk/coldwave band (and fellow Joy Division lover). Her words have thus been heard many times. I had a different idea, though…

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“Miles’ Music is Consistently, Intriguingly Addictive”

~~highlights of NALADA Review from MUSIC & VISION Magazine CD Spotlight (New Zealand)

“Pittsburgh-born Miles typifies the coterie of multi-skilled (New Renaissance) Americans spreading herself unstintingly across the 21st century arts landscape.  Jill of all trades, blending the arts & humanities…The music is distinctively individualistic, confident, and has the intensity of a larger ensemble. She has successfully pioneered her own creative ‘voice.’  Worth the price of the disc alone is ‘Folie a Deux’– resorting to violin, electric violin and bass, it [is] infectious.”

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