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New Release: “Annegrette” by Come With Reverse w/ Electric Violin – Lisa Miles

Dark, erotic, misterioso…

“Annegrette” ~ Exclusive Single released May 24, 2016

by Come With Reverse, w/ Electric Violin – Lisa Miles

cd presentation


Stream on SoundCloud

Free Download from Come With Reverse  website

Full Screen Experience;) on Youtube



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NYC Cornelia St gig still on tomorrow…

despite storms and more, Greenwich Village is up  & running and my gig is on.

I thus look forward to playing NYC for the first time, being invited by a premier presenter in the city!

FRIDAY NOV 9, 2012 @ 6 PM ~~Lisa Miles on Electric Violin & Mandolin

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Cornelia Street Cafe Performance link

Up on their website

Lisa Miles plays the Cornelia Street Cafe in Greenwich Village, NYC — Friday November 9th  6 PM

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Lisa Miles plays the Cornelia Street Cafe, Greenwich Village

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Performing NYC this Fall!

Its official now--

I’ll be performing at the Cornelia Street Cafe in Greenwich Village Friday eve Nov. 9th, 6 P.M.

It will kick off the long Veterans Day weekend, so if you are anywhere near NYC at that time, be sure to stop in…

I’ll be performing from my CD “Nalada,” as well as other original works on electric violin & mandolin.

More info. to come on potential NYC author events that weekend, as well, since “This Fantastic Struggle” is straight out of Greenwich Village!

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Moving OCCUPY Forward

I’d like to help Occupy Wall Street move forward–

Specifically, I’d like to help coordinate getting a working national leadership group together that could begin to portion off those in the movement who have “earned their stripes,” per se, by esp.  motivating others, being in the founding group perhaps, who are seen as apt spokespersons, and those that have and possess political aspiration and talent that could lend itself to being Occupy authentic progressive candidiates… and those that are talented to coordinate continued effective street theatre and protest and march.

These factions would not operate separately but mutually and yet would allow for the talents of individuals– who have shown their dedication to the cause and who have the support of the masses, generally–  to be best harnessed.

Nightwatchman Tom Morello is one who comes to mind as a leader, of course, for his work on the music and message front….

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Airplay on WOMR, Cape Cod & WRIU, Rhode Island

Continued airplay for “Nalada”….

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Nalada = Czech for “mood”

Many have asked.  Good question, huh?  (An editing oversight, not making it to text copy.)

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Release Day

Included in PARMA Recording’s Cover Letter Re: Nalada:  “[Lisa’s] influences?  At the top, The Clash, Nick CaveShostakovich.”

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Veterans Day Event, Johnstown: Performance & Workshops

Defense & Veterans Center is having me back for Professional Development/ Creative Therapy workshops Nov ’11– The Color of Sound.  Includes community performance of my music from new release Nalada @ VOMA, Venue of Merging Arts

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