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Come With Reverse Remix w/ lisamilesviolin


w/ Come with Reverse in Thessaloniki

Had blast hanging w/ the band Come With Reverse  last week in their hometown of Thessaloniki, Greece.  So much thanks to Alex, Lale and Petros; Jiannis at the Silver Dollar Music Bar; Billy at the Valve Studio; Sotiris at the Underground Studio; and Evi, Cristos, Lucia & Modis, Camille, Dmitrios and other new friends/ family…


Thessaloniki gig 12.29.15

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Music collaborations / Off to Thessaloniki

UPDATE Dec. 23 ~ Gig Confirmed at Thessaloniki’s cool dive– The Silver Dollar  on Dec. 29th!


First day of Winter (though mild as Spring)!  Was such a dynamic Fall I had little time to post on music news and collaborations since September, really.  Finally got a track out, “Final Stance,” with Saedsixsixsix (band side-project out of Connecticut.   “Fierce, dark, hard driving. what’s not to like?” — S. Rock, Soundcloud comment

Cool underground music & art collaborative out of Russia embedded and played my 2015 original music on their online radio show in November, bringing more listens to my solo composition stuff in a condensed timeframe than ever before experienced.

Most significantly, though, has been hooking up with Come With Reverse, dark post-punk band made up of similar classically-trained musicians out of Thessaloniki ~ Greece’s 2nd-largest, northern, cultural, cool four-university city.  Been in communication throughout Fall, minimally collaborating in studio and talk of some possible live work.  (Posts already up, too, of side soundtrack project  w/Reverse’s keyboardist Alex Passalides, too.)  

Off to Greece late Xmas afternoon~ ‘lil rehearsing, studio work with the band, possible live gig in Thessaloniki or nearby, lots of good music talk, and finding ease of life for 9.5 days (“Halara”)….


Music engineered/ mastered by mike michalski


Great to be working again with my good friend & collaborator Mike Michalski, who’ll be engineering/ mastering my music.

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Discography–latest Soundcloud posts

Click on images to be taken to sound file. (Also see player embed on home page ) 


Cool of the Dark Against the Barrage








Danza Brace

Danza Brace









Native Call

Native Call

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Music Downloads available for purchase on Bandcamp

In addition to my 2015 latest Music Posts streaming on SoundCloud ,

Downloads of my Music are now available for sale on Bandcamp 







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“Bowl Dance” up on YouTube

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Lisamilesviolin YouTube Channel

CHECK OUT “PRESENCE” In Segments on YouTube.  (Performance piece on finding authentic self.)  Finally got ’em posted, and channel established.

As well, there you’ll find my PA Books Cable TV interview, Jan’s Electric Banana Arts & Music Intv., Ray Geiger’s art and more (inspirations in music and art and life).


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Soundcloud Music Posts!

20 Posts up on Soundcloud— Nice to get my Music in one place, playable!



Indie /Punk Playlist

Indie: Punk comp



Soundscape /Ambient Dark Playlist




Electric / Dark 2015 Rough Tracks Playlist




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New SoundCloud Posts

New SoundCloud Music Posts as of yesterday

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