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Two Upcoming Speaking Engagements

I’m presenting for the 3rd time in 9 years at NAMI-PA’s statewide conference, Harrisburg, October 25-26.  

Title of presentation:  “Family Members as Treatment Team Coordinators.”  

Why is it that families are so kept out of the loop when it comes to the health of a loved one?  Caring, informed and involved family members must be the Treatment Team Coordinators for loved ones with mental illness and substance abuse!  More details TBA.


I’m honored to have been invited by Ann Dugan (Founder & Asst. Dean, Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence, Katz Graduate School of Business, Univ. of PGH) to be a featured Speaker/Program Leader in their prestigious 2014 Member Educational Series.

August 19, 2014, 8 – 10:30 a.m.  

My presentation will center around Emotional Intelligence & Cross-Disciplinary, Creative Applications in Business Coaching.

More details TBA

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Going After Goals Yet Letting Go of Outcomes




A recent article of Christine Lattimer of the UK inspired me to think on Goals/ Outcomes further–

Good advice in article, esp. ‘Going After a Goal’ but being able to “Let Go of the Outcome” at same time~ How true in business, career and interpersonally!  (This adage should be in all such, as well as mental health and employee EAP program, “manuals”…and indeed is found in some).

This is an important truth in life, especially when disappointments of any kind get us down.  We must aim high but  prepare ourselves mentally to feel satisfied when high outcomes are not in the cards for us.  Similarly, we must define success as personal and professional accomplishment regardless of whether great money, “following”/fame, and traditional definitions of “success” in personal and relationship happiness occurs.  

Define what you aim for.  Define success for yourself.   Though making great money (or at least a decent living) is always desirable,  more gratifying for sure is to do good work, to make a difference, to contribute, to create.  

Ask yourself–What have you actually done?  

What would you like to do?  Get to it.  Then the outcomes might even surprise you.

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Zen & Martial Arts Life-Lessons on the Path Around Anger


Psych Central


Awareness of when anger and conflict are imminent, and then using best practices to completely deflect or even transform it is one of many core truths in Zen and martial arts.

See this article where it was originally published on PsychCentral



Lisa A. Miles c 2013

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Motivational Enhancement Therapy: For Substance Abuse & More



Psych Central



Motivational Enhancement Therapy could go a long way toward offering new insights to those affected by the varied symptomatology of many mental illnesses, as well as interpersonal and professional human relations…

See this article where it was originally published on PsychCentral


Lisa A. Miles c 2013

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Good Talk: How to be Empathetic & Effective

Psych Central


You  don’t have to forgo integrity to have empathy, and you don’t a have to be aggressive to get your words heard and respected.

See this article where it was originally published on PsychCentral

Lisa A. Miles c 2013

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Unspoken Bargains in our Daily Relationships

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Did you ever find yourself questioning an arrangement between yourself and another person?  Not an arrangement that was mutually agreed upon or even spoken about–- but a habit, or series of habits that detrimentally effect you, essentially,  yet you find that keep doing nevertheless?

It could be between yourself and a partner, a parent, or a co-worker.  Even a boss, an adult sibling or an annoying someone you run into every day on your way to work….  Likely, it is doing something to temporarily boost the other person in the mix, or even yourself, but ultimately it is not to anyone’s benefit.

Unspoken bargains, these so-called “arrangements,” are those things that rear their heads in times of challenge, chaos, crisis or just haste.  They appear out of nowhere and can be maddening, upon first reflection– demanding us to ask ourselves, “Why did I say or do that again to this person?”  They tug at us to examine the “contracts” we have with others for convenience and to lessen pain.  But they are ultimately not self-serving or mutually good– just co-dependent traps we put into place to attempt to protect ourselves from perhaps doing the right thing.


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On board as writer at PsychCentral

~ Check out my twice-weekly blog column on self development, mental health, professional enrichment and workforce human relations at PsychCentral ~

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Veterans Day Event, Johnstown: Performance & Workshops

Defense & Veterans Center is having me back for Professional Development/ Creative Therapy workshops Nov ’11– The Color of Sound.  Includes community performance of my music from new release Nalada @ VOMA, Venue of Merging Arts

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