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Lori Grosick (biz card image)
Jan Vojta (Nalada CD Cover–original art, charcoal)

Original Music
Zed Armstrong, except Beneath the Light image & Statue of Mirrors Postcard

Specific Compositons & Performances
Top 2 Images–Joelle Levitt
Bottom Image– Ray Geiger

This Fantastic Struggle
This Fantastic Struggle–Author Appearances
This Fantastic Struggle–Q & A with the Author

Scott Pipitone Design

Performance Pieces Main Page
Glass Art by Jan Vojta, Photography by Joelle Levitt

Contact Lisa & Jan: ;

Presence Photo Gallery
Postcard Design–Michael Moran

Resurrecting Allegheny City
Resurrecting Allegheny City–Author Appearances

Cover design: Pytlik Design Associates
Image: “Fountain in Front of Carnegie Free Library”
Pgh City Photo Collection, Archives Service Center,
University of Pittsburgh