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w/ Come with Reverse in Thessaloniki

Had blast hanging w/ the band Come With Reverse  last week in their hometown of Thessaloniki, Greece.  So much thanks to Alex, Lale and Petros; Jiannis at the Silver Dollar Music Bar; Billy at the Valve Studio; Sotiris at the Underground Studio; and Evi, Cristos, Lucia & Modis, Camille, Dmitrios and other new friends/ family…

Thessaloniki gig 12.29.15

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Music collaborations / Off to Thessaloniki

UPDATE Dec. 23 ~ Gig Confirmed at Thessaloniki’s cool dive– The Silver Dollar  on Dec. 29th!


First day of Winter (though mild as Spring)!  Was such a dynamic Fall I had little time to post on music news and collaborations since September, really.  Finally got a track out, “Final Stance,” with Saedsixsixsix (band side-project out of Connecticut.   “Fierce, dark, hard driving. what’s not to like?” — S. Rock, Soundcloud comment

Cool underground music & art collaborative out of Russia embedded and played my 2015 original music on their online radio show in November, bringing more listens to my solo composition stuff in a condensed timeframe than ever before experienced.

Most significantly, though, has been hooking up with Come With Reverse, dark post-punk band made up of similar classically-trained musicians out of Thessaloniki ~ Greece’s 2nd-largest, northern, cultural, cool four-university city.  Been in communication throughout Fall, minimally collaborating in studio and talk of some possible live work.  (Posts already up, too, of side soundtrack project  w/Reverse’s keyboardist Alex Passalides, too.)  

Off to Greece late Xmas afternoon~ ‘lil rehearsing, studio work with the band, possible live gig in Thessaloniki or nearby, lots of good music talk, and finding ease of life for 9.5 days (“Halara”)….

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Music engineered/ mastered by mike michalski


Great to be working again with my good friend & collaborator Mike Michalski, who’ll be engineering/ mastering my music.

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Music Downloads available for purchase on Bandcamp

In addition to my 2015 latest Music Posts streaming on SoundCloud ,

Downloads of my Music are now available for sale on Bandcamp 







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Music in 2015

Likely obvious, 2015 has me returning to my main interest– my original music. My work is now easily accessible via Soundcloud.  Feel like I accomplished a lot as a solo performer, including the release of my CD Nalada in 2011.  So I’m returning to my love of dark electric violin tracks– creating new material and pursuing collaborative work with international musicians and bands, as well as soundtrack projects for film, theatre, dance and other cross-disciplinary projects. 

Three playlists from Soundcloud:


Electric / Dark 2015 tracks – Rough (most):




Soundtrack /Ambient /Dark:





Indie/ Punk:

Indie: Punk comp



What’s behind that ticket you buy?

IATSE Stagehands make the magic you see on stage possible! Local 3 here in Pgh, Local 1 on Broadway and all across the country… you would not get the art & entertainment you crave without the talent of trained union stagehands.

Husband Jan shows it best, below.  The City of Pittsburgh needs to listen, not to mention concert-goers at the North Shore’s Stage AE and downtown outdoor fests who think they can trust the sound & light rigging overhead by untrained and unsupported (no med benefits, no pension, no respect) youth brought in from West Virginia and Ohio (and thrown small dough from promoters and venue owners making the big bucks)….  Yea, stagehands think they deserve to not be the working poor.  Just like other artists.

So, next time you go to the theatre and marvel at the cool stage set or the elaborate light system built from ground zero at a stadium show this summer– remember your ticket sure as hell ‘aint getting anybody but the promoters and venue owners richer.  (The hands that make it possible are just trying to stay afloat….)




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Far more admirable than getting what you want…

My Intro to Spiral, written in December, seems apropos to pull out this Spring a.m. ~


So often in life, outcomes disappoint us. We don’t end up with what we thought we wanted. We don’t understand what we actually have. We don’t become who we really wanted to be. And yet who we are right now holds such significance, as well as any keys to what we may later be.

We look for wellness and wholeness and strive to understand lack of ease and progress in our lives. But it overwhelms.  The truth must be in aiming high but preparing ourselves mentally for acceptance no matter where our understanding or achievements get us.

Success and fulfillment?  Maybe they are best defined as personal and professional accomplishment and growth regardless of whether we get exactly what we thought we so desired, or whether great money or fortune follows….

Surely we can be more well by striving for what we need, desire and hope to get a better handle on… yet at the same time letting go of outcomes.

Define what you aim for, what success or understanding or fulfillment would constitute for your self and life.

But recognize perhaps that more gratifying than making great money is to make a difference, to contribute, to create.

That far more admirable than getting what you want is understanding the situation you are in and making the very best of your understanding of this for your self and your life.


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Dario D’Attili: My Own Memories just published a wonderful article by Gabriel Schaff on Dario D’Attili– the most important violin appraiser of all time, no doubt.   (See below link)

I have my own unique memories of this man whom I sent my beloved violin to back in June 1992.

I had at that time embarked on researching what was to be my new violin– a quest that would still unfold in finer points over the next 20 years, yet one that never strayed from what Dario would definitively tell me about my instrument.


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1859 Map: Allegheny City, Pgh’s North Side

An 1859 map showing Pittsburgh & Allegheny City (Pgh’s North Side, North Shore) is up for auction in New York for $95,000.  Fairly nice detail that can be zoomed in upon and certainly compared (in building shape, land plots etc) to the maps in my book Resurrecting Allegheny City.  Check out the Penitentiary, for example, on the site of what is now the Pgh. Intl. Aviary.  A great addition to Pittsburgh history in general:



Resurrecting 1859 view of Allegheny City & Pittsburgh



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1st eBook Available!

Resurrecting Allegheny City  is now available, end of Summer 2014, as an eBook~ for your Kindle or Nook (at Amazon or or uniquely electronically signed and dedicated by the author in a PDF file purchased here from my site.



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