Original Music

  Gorgeous-but-deadly electric violin & mandolin…
Dark Post-Punk, Gothic, Dark Ambient, Darkwave, Neoclassical

Latest solo releases, pieces w/ Jesucrisis (Goth rock de Chile), & other collaborations:


Released Aug 31, 2018 Exclusive Single w/ Berlin-based artist Ger Egan (of This Burning Effigy & October Burns Black)

“Brilliant”   “Enthralling”   “Fevered Violin”
“Hard-driving,”   “Infectious,”  “Fearless,”  “Cinematic,”  “Border-breaking… a different kind of riot.”

Jesucrisis new album in the works for 2019… a video clip of one of the songs, “Rose of the Monolith,” which soon will include in the mix guest guitarist Jay Ravine of Helsinki’s The Flatfield:

Feature on Serpiente de Nuit on Gothic-Rock.com

“As Moths” (“Come Delle Falene”) inclusion in Post Alternative Visions compilation
“Intense words, intense playing”

 Accolades from colleagues ~

“Your brilliant music and Ger’s voice here on FRACTION remind me of the good ‘ol SWANS ~ Reverand Gonz, Love Like Blood

“I’ve been listening to your music, and I like what you do. Good move with the delays and reverb. Your approach is summed up, I find, in “La Primavera Fierce.” To my mind you should work with other musicians, hopefully find a collective that will construct instrumental parts and vocals around your core ideas – because I think they’re good ideas with enough structure to be worthy of something a little bigger.” ~ Simon Hinkler, The Mission

“Intense but also fragile and haunting – great piece Lisa”– Jay Ravine, The Flatfield of “Tensile Strength” released ’18

“Very 4AD, love it!”– Ant Banister, Sounds Like Winter of “Tensile Strength” released ’18

“Virtuoso, emotional & ragged. We will be doing some work together, Lisa & Vol Distil”  — Ger Egan, of This Burning Effigy,  October Burns Black and Vol Distil 

“Mind-blowing violin” ~ Marko Hautamaki of Two Witches &  Chaos Research

“Embrujante (bewitching), exotico y minimalista” ~ Vladimir Munoz of Jesucrisis

“Outstanding and ritualistic” ~ Tarannis M. BGenesis, lead singer of NU:N

2017 collaborations include work as a new band member of Chilean gothic rock band Jesucrisis, with an exclusive single released Nov ’17.  As well, Lisa is collaborating with dark post-punk Vol Distil based in Berlin (Ger Egan of This Burning Effigy) and with Helsinki’s gothic rock band The Flatfield (release w/ the latter due latter ’18).  In August of 2017, Lisa traveled to Santiago de Chile.  There she rehearsed with Jesucrisis, was involved in a video shoot for the band, and did studio work, embarking on material for a new album with Jesucrisis’ bass/ vox/ founder (and her new husband) Vladimir Munoz.  One month earlier, she was at the Lumous Gothic Festival in Tampere, Finland.  The visit included laying studio track for Marko Hautamaki (Two Witches, Chaos Research).

Lisa collaborated with the band Come With Reverse from Thessaloniki, Greece at the end of ’15, as well as involved with film/ soundtrack projects with Reverse composer/ keyboardist Alex Passalides.  Lisa played live with Reverse in Thessaloniki (12/29/15), and put out exclusive single and two other pieces remixed with them in ’16.  She has worked as well with artists from Venezuela, France and Italy. Though now interested mainly in collaborative work, especially performance, Lisa continues to write unique new solo material on electric violin and mandolin.  Her solo and collaborative material is being played on radio podcasts from Argentina to Australia.

Original Music by Lisa Miles (“Wintertide”) featured in Homewood Cemetery event Oct 18, 2018:

“Composer and performer Lisa Miles combines classical chops and punk rock influences in both her spirited solo work and unique collaborations with other instrumentalists–both of which come through in force on NÁLADA.  Her CD release features wildly original compositions for acoustic and electric violin and mandolin.  Her influences?  The Clash, Nick Cave… Shostakovich.”” — Ravello Records

“Those drums and that violin are killer”– DJ Mac , DISCHORD, Woodyradio.com

Lisamilesviolin Artist Page on Facebook



“Annegrette”  ~ Exclusive Single released May 24 ’16 by Come With Reverse, w/ Electric Violin-Lisa Miles

          Lisa is a classically trained professional steeped in punk underground tradition.  Not just pretty, pretty violin but powerful guest or collaborator bringing dark, atmospheric post-punk spirit and bite.  Original work ranging from dark, edgy, textured, dissonant, uniquely rhythmic… to spacious, haunting, meditative and distorted (real instrument soundscape). Driving and atmospheric industrial ambient sound as well as previous spirited, inventive, heavy chordal and lush dark pieces composed for acoustic strings (violin w/cello, bass)– many done in collaboration w/ dancers, filmmakers and theatre artists as well as solo performance set. 

Prior to her renewed work of the last couple years, Lisa had numerous collabs w/ musicians going back to the ’90s– tons of studio tracks, including composing & performing w/internationally-acclaimed avant-garde electric harpist Anne LeBaron and solo original set and indie performance film music showcased in Philly, Boston, Toronto & Argentina.  Her formative influences?  The Clash, Joy Division, Nick Cave, Swans, World of Skin, Bauhaus, early Cure… Shostakovich! Current likes and inspirations found on Facebook, Bandcamp and SoundCloud, the latter where past professional recordings, as well as current work can be streamed…  (Some of the new solo works more rough in record/mix/master but w/spotlight on composition). Always looking for interesting work with international musicians, the right band project to add sound to with recording, studio guests, gig a bit– U.S. East & West Coast readily accessible, as well as international. Certainly interested as well in additional soundtrack /other commissions (large or small project) and licensing of original music.   

All Rights Reserved except listen & enjoy.  Contact lisamilesviolin@comcast.net for any usage/ general inquiries. Licensing inquiries (or commissions to re-record, etc.) welcome ~ Distinctive original work for film, theatre, dance and the like. Original music pre-cleared, all sync & master controlled.

“So soundtrack worthy…You communicate so much emotion w/ so little.”
-J. Smythe

“A straddle between psychotic and soothing….” – L. Freign

“Awesome… haunting and cinematic, very visual.  I can see this track with my ears.” -Jason B.

Just some of the Radio airplay beginning in 2015 from LA, Toronto, UK, Peru, Buenos Aires, Brazil, Italia, Greece, Australia:   Woody Radio PostPunk (Boston)    Criminal Tango 10.23.16; Sinfonias Nocturnas #52; Sinfonias Nocturnas #51Torment RadioMick Mercer PostPunk 10.23.16;  Mick Mercer PostPunkEterna OscuridadBloodlitradio.comRussian Met. Mid.;, Deepland (Brazil) Die Sieele

Thessaloniki gig



at the Silver Dollar in Thessaloniki, Greece ~ guesting with Come With Reverse, Dec 29, 2015

“About the Artist” older statement  ~ Google Play

Writings in Music:

Interview of the band Severance (Monterrey, Mexico) for Absolution mag

Review of Severance “New Cult” single   Nov ’16

Mini-Review of Ariel Maniki & The Black Halos RITUAL album by Lisa Miles

Translations of Interviews Spanish to English for bands Jesucrisis (Chile) & Animal Rojo (Mexico)


NALADA  CD, Ravello Records  (Fall 2011)  w/ support by Joe Strummer Foundation for New Music


New Music label of PARMA Recordings

AVAILABLE through itunes

Distributed Internationally by industry leader NAXOS…or contact the artist for signed copy;)



LisaMiles-Nalada-inside copy

NALADA Street Date Sales Sheet 

“Fearless… New music informed by a punk ethos and a highly distinctive sonic palette. From the disorienting, hypnotic “Medieval Love Song” to the coy, coquettish “Folie a’deux,” Miles adeptly sets her own instrument as both subject and relief, and in the process creates moods and music of the highest order.” — Bob Lord, PARMA Recordings

Gigs in support of Nalada:

November 2012:  Cornelia Street Cafe Greenwich Village/NYC– acclaimed bastion of new music, spoken word, jazz, poetry and the myriad cross-disciplines of art

April 2012  —  Cedars Lounge, Youngstown OH  (Yes, Cedars–that storied, long-standing icon of underground /punk bands) —  Hurry Down to Cedars Lounge” 

lisa miles at cedars

lisa miles at cedars

Nov 2011–Performance in support of CD Release @ community event in conjunction w/Defense & Veterans Center professional development workshops, Johnstown, PA, Venue of Merging Arts.


June 2012 Review highlights by MUSIC & VISION (New Zealand): “Pittsburgh-born Miles typifies the coterie of multi-skilled (New Renaissance) Americans spreading herself unstintingly across the 21st century arts landscape.  Jill of all trades, blending the arts & humanities…The music is consistently, intriguingly addictive, distinctively individualistic, confident, and has the intensity of a larger ensemble. She has successfully pioneered her own creative ‘voice.’  Worth the price of the disc alone is ‘Folie a Deux’– resorting to violin, electric violin and bass, it [is] infectious.”

“Highlights [from NALADA] by the young American composer and performer Lisa Miles… include the eerily beautiful Bowl Dance, the sprightly Lynn’s Dance, Recessional and Punk #2, and the title track, Nalada, for electric mandolin, violin and guitar. “ –New Classics UK

“Nalada is a different kind of riot, indeed.” –Pittsburgh Magazine, February 2012  Full Review

“A dozen tracks that are at turns aggressive and delicate”–Pgh City Paper” Dec. 2011

“Border breaking…Impressionistic effectiveness [in] blending and contrasting of instruments. Miles intertwining of violins is attractive…[especially in works] that pull together less-often-heard sonorities, she excels.” –Mark Estren of Washington Post, INFODAD, Vibrant & Varied

“…manages to tug at the emotions of the listeners….  Miles has produced an
impressive instrumental display of composition.”
— pittnews/nalada-tells-stories-without-lyrics/

“Lisa plays with a remarkable combination of drive and sensitivity. We played
together at the Frick Fine Arts years ago and she generously included our “Potent”
on her entrancing recording NALADA—a dozen $ well spent.” –Dr. Anne LeBaron,  California Institute of the Arts

2011/ 2012 AIRPLAY & MISC:

WPRB Princeton, WOMR Cape Cod,
WRIU Kingston RI–  “The Latest Score”

* Oct 21, 2010– “High Five” —John Shelton Ivany’s Top 21 (Natl. News Bureau)

at the Silver Dollar in Thessaloniki, Greece ~ guesting with Come With Reverse, Dec 29, 2015

 Specific Compositions & Performances 

Film Short with Original Music

More Reviews