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UPDATE 2018:  My work has shifted back to original music since 2015 and all important info, accolades and the like can be found on my Original Music page of this site for that.  



June 2012 Review highlights by MUSIC & VISION (New Zealand): “Pittsburgh-born Miles typifies the coterie of multi-skilled (New Renaissance) Americans spreading herself unstintingly across the 21st century arts landscape.  Jill of all trades, blending the arts & humanities…The music is consistently, intriguingly addictive, distinctively individualistic, confident, and has the intensity of a larger ensemble. She has successfully pioneered her own creative ‘voice.’  Worth the price of the disc alone is ‘Folie a Deux’– resorting to violin, electric violin and bass, it [is] infectious.”

“Nalada is a different kind of riot, indeed.” –Pittsburgh Magazine, February 2012  Full Review

“Highlights [from NALADA] by the young American composer and performer Lisa Miles… include the eerily beautiful Bowl Dance, the sprightly Lynn’s Dance, Recessional and Punk #2, and the title track, Nalada, for electric mandolin,
violin and guitar. “ –New Classics UK

“Border breaking…Impressionistic effectiveness [in] blending and contrasting of instruments. Miles intertwining of violins is attractive…[especially in works] that pull together less-often-heard sonorities, she excels: Acceptance for mandolin and bass, for ex.”–Mark Estren of Washington Post, INFODAD NOV 2011, Vibrant & Varied

”I happened upon this inspiring, brilliant and dare I say righteous piece completely by accident. Lisa Miles has written an essay that captures what it means to truly be an artist….”   –Intro. by Dustin Slaughter to “Artist as Worker” essay as reprinted Aug 2011 @ The David & Goliath Project–davidandgoliathproject     (@DustinSlaughter )

See Lisa’s MyMac Interview posted Nov. 8, 2010

ARTIST APPEARANCES (including Radio Intv links etc.)

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Resurrecting Allegheny City

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Υπεροχο SHOW , καταπληκτικο κοινο.COME WITH REVERSE-LISA MILES 1000 Thanx !!!

Posted by Johnny Vrahnos on Wednesday, December 30, 2015

“[NALADA CD] manages to tug at the emotions of the listeners….Miles has produced an impressive instrumental display of composition.”  –  pittnews/nalada-tells-stories-without-lyrics/ “Hurry Down to Cedars Lounge!!!” w/PIX of performance  — Jenny Magazine
“Alum Speaks on Campus, Performs at Cedars”  — YSU News”A dozen tracks that are at turns aggressive and delicate”–Pgh City Paper, Dec 2011“Lisa plays with a remarkable combination of drive and sensitivity. We played together at the Frick Fine Arts years ago and she generously included our “Potent”on her entrancing recording NALADA—a dozen $ well spent.”–Dr. Anne LeBaron,  California Institute of the ArtsLike traveling through an aural movie, visions and stories through the sounds”–itunes customer review by Michael Kastelic, lead singer of “The Cynics,”internationally acclaimed garage-punk from Pgh PA* Oct 21, 2010– “High Five” from John Shelton Ivany’s Top 21 (Natl News Bureau)
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Brashear Structures

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This Fantastic Struggle · Resurrecting Allegheny City
Music · Presence · Brashear Structures