SPIRAL Table of Contents


Spiral: An Anthology of Writings by Lisa A. Miles in Self Development, Mental Health, & Creativity


Self, Wellness, Relationships ~

Self Development as Balm

Unspoken Bargains in our Daily Relationships

Questions to Nurture New Channels of Growth

Balance: How to Get There in Your Work & Life, Parts I & II

Can You Find Mental Health & Happiness in a Home?

Taking Time to Reboot Yourself

Attaining Your Goals: Risk, Reward & Humility

Talking to Others: How to be Empathetic and Effective

Zen & Martial Arts Life Lessons: The Path Around Anger

Fresh Perspectives from Shambhala

Japanese Self-Reflection: Naikan

Meditations on Yoga & More

Aromatherapy: Good Smells to Influence How You Feel

Creative Entrepreneurship

Strategies to Help Remove Stress from your Work Schedule

Self Image, Identity & The Tools of Personal Branding


Advocacy ~

Kids, Emotional Intelligence & Psychosocial Ed.

To Get a Head Start, Start Teaching Mental Health in Junior High

Families Finally into the Fold: Involvement in Treatment, Despite HIPAA

Mental Health First Aid

Getting Clean on Addiction Policy in the U.S.

Mental Health: US vs. UK

Mike Webster & the NFL Lawsuit over Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy

Advocacy: Striving for Wholeness after Mental Health Awareness Month


Features ~

Public Service Psychiatry: Western Psych’s Wes Sowers

Early Wounding & Dysfunctional Family Roles

Dialectical Behavior Therapy: Not Just for Mental Illness

Motivational Enhancement Therapy: Treatment for Substance Abuse & More

Brain Chemistry Altered by Early Life Experience, Parts I & II

The Psyche’s Way Out of Pain: Dissociation

Not Otherwise Specified: Anxiety & the work of Dr. Robt. Hudak

Schizotypal Disorder: Similar to other Diagnoses, Yet Unique

Light Therapy for Bipolar Disorder: The Research Studies of Dr. Dorothy Sit

Adult Children of Dysfunctional Families: Dr. Charles Whitfield’s Evolving Work

Families on the Line Using Dialectical Behavior Therapy

ADHD Coaching: Look to the Willow Tree


Self, Once More ~

Presence: Striving to Find Your Authentic Sense of Self

Inner Courage Can Equal Peace

Are Artists Crazy?

Reincarnation or Just Ancestral Facets?

For Your Pain & Suffering

Healing Work


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