Music Creativity Workshops

Lisa Miles © 2009

**Schedule Music Creativity Workshops with Lisa at your school, or for
Professional Development for your teachers:

1st Session  “Moving Music”

I will introduce myself to the children as a performer, play for them (violin & mandolin), and there will be an elementary talk with the children about what feelings the different music segments evoke for them.  Then we will have an open movement/dance response to the music.

2nd Session  “Color/Color”

The children will be exposed to the quality of music known as timbre–the “color” or tone quality of sound.  As music emanates from my violin, they will be encouraged to respond, with the help of an aide, to the music’s color through visual art, as we also talk about how the feeling of the music comes through in their drawing, coloring or sculpting.

3rd Session  “The Production & Construction of Sound”

There will be a thorough hands-on examination of a broken-apart violin, much like puzzle pieces that fit together, where children can place pegs in the scroll, for example, and visually see how a complete violin is comprised of many smaller parts.  Also a tuning fork will be passed around everyone’s ear, buzzing like a fly with the note A!  We will also have colorful, elementary discussions about sound waves & other components of musical production.  Part of the fun will include a “scientific” experiment with sound waves using a tuning fork in water!!

4th Session  “Rhythm & Melody Through Hands & Voice”

I will be playing the mandolin for the children, and guiding them, with the help of an aide, to clap rhythms (identical and counter) to the music, and to hum (identical tones & harmony), exploring their young voices.

5th Session  “Freeze Frames”

Creative dramatics based on what improvised music evokes for children (major use of imagination), as well as standard songs–Old McDonald’s farm, Home on the Range (Buffalo), etc.  The children will exercise their imaginations by creating body sculptures (quick, dramatic little “freeze frames”) based on what “action” the various dramatic music segments seem to be about for them.

6th Session  “Children Playing Percussive Instruments”

Use of kitchen gadget instruments I bring in, as well as instruments in ownership by the Center.

***Special Session  “Rhyme & Movement for Infants”

Rhyme games & simple melodic patterns evoking finger-gesture work for infants.

New:  “Ancient Cultures & Abstract Notations”

A lively look at how to engage young people in learning about different lands and responding creatively.  Includes the use of great graphics to open the imagination, the discussion of decorative drums, and even the exploration of  “reading” colorful abstract musical notation!  Note– graphics are early abyssinian pottery, plates to be exact, with holes unusually poked through them– each one has whimsical animal/human figure dancing…. (from film Bowl Dance, on my website)