Published 2002; Reissue 2009.
Paperback Original; 457 pgs.
$18; Available through the Author
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Published Nov. 2007;
Paperback Original; 300 pgs. 44 illustrations.
$16; Available through the Author
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 Resurrecting Allegheny City now available in eBook formats

Interview of band Jesucrisis transcribed Spanish to English — L. Miles  March ’17

Interview of the band Severance on Absolution.com–L. Miles ’17

Review of the band Come With Reverse — L. Miles ’16
Review of “New Cult” by Severance — L. Miles ’16
Interview of Animal Rojo transcribed Spanish to English — L. Miles ’16



Spiral eBook Anthology c 2014

Spiral eBook Anthology
c 2014

Lisa’s latest, an eBook entitled Spiral, is an anthology of 44 eclectic articles and essays on self, mental health, wellness and creativity.  More Info


SELF/COACH Publication ~ Newsletter in Mental Health, Prof. Development, Counseling & the Creative Arts


Feature catalog essay for The Society for Contemporary Crafts’ fall 2015 exhibition,”Mindful: Exploring Mental Health Through Art”  ;  Feature Catalog Essay text

Abstract for “Creative Folly”   Lisa’s latest is the writing of a book-length work entitled Creative Folly: The Illusory Support of Artists by American Arts Organizations & Funders  c 2011   (Previously posted on  OCCUPY WITH ART )

Pgh. Stagehands Circumvented for First Night”  — Pgh Post-Gazette Biz Forum, Dec 2011

     Article’s  Long Version

 Stagehands & Skilled Working Class To Talk Outside ‘Quiet Rooms’ (Follow-up Article)

Daily Kos Spotlighted Article — Unions & the 2012 Super Bowl.  Also selected to repost in their “In Support of Labor & Unions” section

Daily Kos– Too Big To Fail:  Artists, Art Workers and Arts Education   May 2012


“I happened upon this inspiring, brilliant and dare I say righteous piece completely by accident. Lisa Miles has written an essay that captures what it means to truly be an artist….”   –Intro. by Dustin Slaughter to “Artist as Worker” essay as reprinted Aug 2011 @ The David & Goliath Project–http://davidandgoliathproject.wordpress.com/page/2/     (@DustinSlaughter )

Other Essays & Articles: Artists as Workers (WORK Mag.);  John Brashear (Pgh History Magazine);  The North Side’s North Shore;  Rethinking Teaching (Pgh Post-Gazette)
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Lisa’s first publishing credit (literary) was the inclusion of three pieces (essays /poem) included in the anthology Unsilenced:  The Spirit of Women (Commune-A-Key, 1994)
Lisa was a regular contributing writer to PsychCentral.com in 2013
Lisa is a past member of the Independent Scholars Association and Mid-Atlantic Book Publishers Association

PCN-TV, “PA Books” Dec 2008.
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