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Feature Catalog Essay for The Society for Contemporary Crafts’ fall 2015 exhibition,”Mindful: Exploring Mental Health Through Art”  


Abstract for “Creative Folly”    *Dec. 2, 2011

Abstract of a work entitled Creative Folly:  The Illusory Support of Artists by American Arts Organizations & Funders  c 2011        (Previously posted on OCCUPY WITH ART)


Spiral eBook Anthology c 2014

Spiral eBook Anthology
c 2014

Lisa’s 2014 eBook entitled Spiral, an anthology of 44 eclectic articles and essays on self, mental health, wellness and creativity.



Pgh. Stagehands Circumvented for First Night” – Pgh Post-Gazette Biz Forum, Dec 2011

       Article’s  Long Version   

 Stagehands & Skilled Working Class To Talk Outside ‘Quiet Rooms’   (Follow-Up article)

Daily Kos Spotlighted Article – Unions & the 2012 Super Bowl.  Also selected to repost in their “In Support of Labor & Unions” section.

Daily Kos– Too Big To Fail:  Artists, Art Workers and Arts Education   May 2012


Not Necessarily the WPA…Artists as Workers

by Lisa A. Miles © 2009;  Published August 2010 WORK Literary Magazine

The scare and struggle surrounding a person’s livelihood has suddenly become common denominator in this country. Workers simple and schooled, both with equal pride, now face significant questions about the integrity of their professions, let alone the viability of their chosen occupations. Auto workers and bankers are looking for signs– newfound public appreciation or government help spurring sales, confidence in the market, or perhaps literally the blinking exit to another arena to save face. More

Advancing Astronomy & Community: John Brashear

by Lisa A. Miles © 2009; Published March 2011 HISTORY

(Mag. of Sen. John Heinz History Center, a div. of The  Smithsonian)

When Samuel Pierpont Langley discovered the genius lens-making of a humble Pittsburgh millwright in the late 1870s, set in motion would be a course of events that changed telescope-making forever. It is an appropriate time, in this 2009 Year of Astronomy, to honor that man who soon thereafter had observatories across the Atlantic calling on his precision work in lenses and scientific instruments. More

The North Side’s North Shore

by Lisa A. Miles © 2005;  Published Winter 2005 The Northside Chronicle

The North Side of Pittsburgh has been around since 1907, when it was incorporated by the city literally against its will, by vote of the citizenry of Pittsburgh. (Of course, it has actually been around much longer; in fact, carrying its own illustrious history as Allegheny City much before most eastern neighborhoods of the city even came into being, but that is material too vast for this writing.) Since tethered to the city, it has had its share of ups and downs and collaborative accomplishments and disgruntlements with the metropolis, perhaps more intensely so than other neighborhoods. More

Rethinking Teaching

by Lisa A. Miles © 2009;  Published Nov. 21, 2009 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Business Forum

Some of the best teachers available to help young learners are now, during our country’s great Recession, even more available– unemployed, underemployed, and just plain affected factory workers, salesmen, waitresses, shop owners, and many more. More