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Gothic Rock, Post Punk, Deathrock band formed c 2001 by Vladimir Munoz (vocals, bass) originally of Santiago de Chile.  Partner:  Lisa Miles (electroviolin).  Now Based in North America. 

Los Angeles, here we come!  Vladimir & Lisa wanted to plan something special for their upcoming end-of-year album release, so they decided upon LA, where they could visit some friends and family and throw a little party.  Totally prepared to punk rock it if needed, a DIY kind of gig in any available space, they put out a few feelers.  A mere few hours later,  the band InBox had a message from a dark punk veteran of the LA scene, Ravens (Bruce) Moreland.   "When are you guys going to be in LA? Someone said you're looking for shows and bands with... You sound a lot like my band, we are OG Deathrock, we also use some backing tracks.  We should try to do some shows together."

Needless to say, JESUCRISIS was floored.  (Ravens was a founding member of Wall of Voodoo and has written songs for Concrete Blonde and more, going back to late 70s LA.)  Plans are now becoming finalized on several mutual gigs, and the band's good fortune does not stop with Ravens invite.  To add to the honor, shaping up is a unique bunch of West Coast performances with not only the Ravens Moreland band.  Ravens’ friends, the legendary Gitane Demone and Rikk Agnew of Christian Death, Adolescents/ Social Distortion, and innumerable others, expressed interest in joining in for some select gigs.  The two duos even had a chance to meet already, when the Rikk Agnew Band came to PA and the full five-piece visited Lisa & Vladi’s home sanctuary on Perry Hilltop. (Vladimir also got to sing “Deathwish” with his idols on stage the next night;)

The first weekend in LA will see the band have their album release gig, along with Ravens' as well,  on Thursday eve Feb 13 (presented by an outstanding  local gothic events promoter Luna Negra in Palm Springs), play The Redwood that Saturday with Ravens and the Rikk Agnew Band, and an LA Goth Fest at the Stardust (Downey, CA) .  A very special big gig in Santa Ana is a potencial for Wed Feb 19.  And the second weekend has  JESUCRISIS flying out just for Friday and Saturday to Mexico City, where they will be  presented for the sister event to the international Goth fest, including a Meet & Greet in the day on Saturday Feb 22.  Plans are also in the works to possibly play San Diego and Tijuana for JESUCRISIS third week in California, with a confirmed wrap-up in Anaheim's Doll Hut, again with the Rikk Agnew Band.

LATIN AMERICAN TOUR ‘19 ~ JESUCRISIS wrapped up their first tour in March '19 as the newly-emerged duo, three very successful dates in Chile and Peru.  In Santiago, they played Miercoles Mutante at Bar Uno March 20th & at Caja de Musica March 22nd --both presented by Productora Mutante.  Their ultimate show was of grander scale in Lima on March 30th, presented by Cueva de Murcielagos.  Fans of the band old and new welcomed Vladimir and Lisa in the two countries, with Lima in particular remembering Vladimir’s visit for Cadaver Fest of years back.  JESUCRISIS released a limited special edition CD for the Latin American tour-- the six-song EP featuring Vladimir’s earlier compositions (‘12) plus five bonus tracks (one single from 2016 as well as the newer material composed with Lisa thus far.)  JESUCRISIS in the Spring and Summer of 2019 will return to composing, for the full-length new album release later this year.  As well, they are scoping out good opportunities to play in the States and Europe upcoming.  A Latin American return will always be viable, as the second home of the band.

JESUCRISIS became established in North America (Pennsylvania), with Vladimir continuing his long-standing band in a new home, since Dec. ‘17.  He has been writing lyrics and composing songs with Lisa for their intended album and performances internationally.  Inspiration newly comes from their gothic old home perched above the three rivers (Allegheny, Monongahela and Ohio), in addition to the natural environment and rich native american history of the area.  As bass and electroviolin, with programmed percussion and occasional guest artist collaborators, their material is unique and exotic gothic rock, deathrock, dark post-punk.  Their first major work together was put out approx. 9 months after they began talk of collaborating-- the exclusive single “Serpiente de Nuit, Nov. ‘17.”  It showcased Lisa’s multi-violin composition with the previous-writ (but unreleased) pen of Vladimir.  His unearthed lyrics, as well as dark minimalist bass, were the perfect match to a piece which brought out a new sound to Jesucrisis’ gotico.  

*pronunciation of our name:    "Hey-Su-Cree-Seize"

Promoters, DJs... Please message us for PROMOTIONAL CODES.  ( or )  We would be happy to share our music should we be included in radio play, and welcome performing opportunities. 


"Rose of the Monolith" official video

Additional Info on"Rose of the Monolith"

       "Rose of the Monolith" is a special single off the forthcoming album of Jesucrisis, w/guest guitarist Jay Ravine of The Flatfield (Finland).  It was released just before the Latin American tour, Feb '19...

       Jay Ravine and the guys in The Flatfield collaborated with Lisa on a song that will later be released in '19, and met her when she herself traveled to the Lumous Gothic festival in Finland in 2017. Soon thereafter, abreast of her travels to Chile, Jay soon became a good friend to not only Lisa but also Vladimir. It was Jay who approached Jesucrisis with the idea of some sort of collaboration, just as Vladimir was getting used to northern hemisphere winters. This song seemed the perfect vehicle for the cross-continental collab. 

       Vladimir wrote lyrics (as well as 3 bass lines) that bowed to the famous folktale of Baba Yaga & Vasalisa, especially inspired by the magical illustrations of Ivan Bilíbin, who portrayed the candle in eye-sockets of skulls held up by posts and carried into the forest by innocent young Vasilisa in the tale. 

       The songs for the new album have been taking shape since the start of  2018.   JESUCRISIS emerged fully ready to perform as a duo in March ‘19, with those concerts in Santiago de Chile and Lima, Peru.  (“They were at the height and the process of maturation as is evident in a band”-- Cueva de Murcielagos.)  With further new songs emerging since his establishment in the States, the body of work of JESUCRISIS continues in its vein of excellent and out-of-the ordinary gothic.  Vladimir’s intention is to traverse back to Barcelona (where he lived and performed for almost a decade) and beyond, now with Lisa.

Jesucrisis Live in Lima~ "Sangre y Piel"... We love the dynamic visuals of the duo in this little excerpt

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Influences? Vladimir's Background...

Bauhaus, Christian Death, Paralysis Permanente, Fields Of The Nephilim, Nick Cave, The Mission, Swans...

 “Elegant and sophisticated harmonies... An exciting sound, very dark and well-crafted... If you like Death Rock and Gothic Rock, don’t miss this one, it is a stunning, high quality release.”

       — D. Olvera, Gothic-Rock Magazine, Aug ‘15.  

Statement by Vladimir:

The music of Jesucrisis is influenced by goth and deathrock, as well as post-punk. I have been influenced not only by rock music but also by literature, poetry and other cultures of the world. I have felt for some time, since the inception of the band in 2001, that music expands existence to other times and other cultures, indeed to other realms, not unlike the spectral figures in Plato's "Allegory of the Cave.” As well, it transports one beyond invading pop culture (cultural poverty) and other impoverishments of a country. I spoke of this, and my band like a boat traversing cultures and various countries, since earliest days creatively.

The name Jesucrisis is a reference to the great crisis of authority suffered by the church, both in the intellectual and political order, and in the passage from the medieval to the modern era... the wars of religions and the constant struggle between men for the defense of 'unique truths' and 'chosen people'.

While playing in a punk band in the 90s that I named Terror Policial (Police Terror), I started to recruit old buddies who could play good gothic rock. These became a parade of musicians who left their indelible mark on the history of Jesucrisis. During my stay in the Catalonia region of Spain  (Barcelona), I participated in the gothic metal band Silent Memories, among other projects. I also wrote music articles as a reporter for Historias Del Lado Oculto Zine in Ecuador. During my stay there, nine years, I created music-- I played sometimes just with the underlying back tracks of the themes of Jesucrisis, and I of course performed some songs with the help of musicians from other local bands …

More of Vladimir's Biographical info can be found on the JESUCRISIS Reviews page, where there are other colorful, in-depth interviews .  And as with Lisa, Vladimir has another life that helps support the music.  He is a licensed, long-experienced electrician and his business, creatively run with Lisa's support, is detailed here:

Jesucrisis "Espectros" Live at Caja de Musica, Santiago de Chile, March 22, 2019

Video Promo to our Cueva de Murcielagos gig (Lat. Am. Tour '

Terra Relicta Special Feature & Video Premiere

Off the forthcoming album...

Frecuencia Nebular Video Feature on Jesucrisis and Vladimir & Lisa's work together