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"Its the right time for "Archaic Fires To Awaken Being," the first full-length of JESUCRISIS... The influence of violinist and mandolin player Lisa Miles comes out, working hand-in-hand with fellow composer Vladimir Munoz and making the work of the reviewer more complicated. The violin, and in some cases the mandolin (!), are not played as a mere instrument of "accompaniment," a sort of orchestral and classic touch to the melody - we think of Bob Loveday in Eden House - but instead is s a focal part of the musical architecture." ~ Erba Della Strega Mag. (Jan. 5, 2020) on ARCHAIC FIRES album:

“Jesucrisis recently played a few shows in L.A. with Ravens Moreland and Rikk Agnew Band. Vladimir Munoz (bass/vocals) and his wife Lisa Miles (violin) were on tour promoting their impressive new CD Archaic Fires to Awaken Being.  Superb... The songs are dark and haunting—absolutely beautiful from beginning to end. Lisa’s violin will slowly tear your heart apart (especially on “Spokoynaya Noch”). ~ Deb Frazin, RAZORCAKE mag

"Your work and art very intriguing...Very beautiful music.” ~ Gitane Demone

“Two amazing musicians” ~ Bruce “Ravens” Moreland (LA punk/deathrock legend, founding member Wall of Voodoo, The Weirdos, Nervous Gender... Bruce invited Jesucrisis to tour LA/SoCal with his band w/ Linda LeSabre, RAVENS MORELAND)

“Your brilliant music and Ger’s voice here on FRACTION remind me of the good ‘ol SWANS 

        --Reverand Gonz, Love Like Blood

“I’ve been listening to your music, and I like what you do. Good move with the delays and reverb. Your approach is summed up, I find, in “La Primavera Fierce.” To my mind you should work with other musicians, hopefully find a collective that will construct instrumental parts and vocals around your core ideas – because I think they’re good ideas with enough structure to be worthy of something a little bigger.” 

          --Simon Hinkler, The Mission

The violin, and in some cases the mandolin (!), are not played as a mere instrument of "accompaniment," a sort of orchestral and classic touch to the melody... but instead is s a focal part of the musical architecture. " -- Erba Della Strega mag. (Jan. 5, 2020) on JESUCRISIS Archaic Fires album

"Lisa  has guest appearances on more amazing recordings than I can count and her solo material is incredible.”  -- Ant Banister, Sounds Like Winter (Australia) & radio DJ

“Intense but also fragile and haunting – great piece Lisa”

        – Jay Ravine, The Flatfield on “Tensile Strength” 

“Very 4AD, love it!”  –- Ant Banister on “Tensile Strength” 

“Virtuoso, emotional & ragged. We will be doing some work together!” 

        — Ger Egan, of This Burning Effigy,  October Burns Black and Vol Distil 

“Mind-blowing violin” ~ Marko Hautamaki of Two Witches & Chaos Research

“Embrujante (bewitching), exotico y minimalista” ~ Vladimir Munoz of Jesucrisis

“Outstanding and ritualistic” ~ Tarannis M. BGenesis, lead singer of NU:N

"She's got a unique way of tormenting the violin" ~ The Flatfield (Helsinki)

"Intense words, intense playing" -- DJ Mac Stewart on  AS MOTHS


Skullgirdle VIDEO Interview of Vladimir & Lisa of JESUCRISIS, Aug 2019

Terra Relicta Webzine Feature & Video Premiere of JESUCRISIS "Rose of the Monolith"

Frecuencia Nebular Video Feature on Lisa & Vladimir's work together in JESUCRISIS


Earlier reviews (NALADA CD)

"Highlights [from NALADA] by the young American composer and performer Lisa Miles… include the eerily beautiful Bowl Dance, the sprightly Lynn’s Dance, Recessional and Punk #2, and the title track, Nalada, for electric mandolin, violin and guitar. “        –New Classics UK

“Nalada is a different kind of riot, indeed.” –Pittsburgh Magazine, February 2012  Full Review

“A dozen tracks that are at turns aggressive and delicate” –Pgh City Paper” Dec. 2011

“Border breaking…Impressionistic effectiveness [in] blending and contrasting of instruments. Miles intertwining of violins is attractive…[especially in works] that pull together less-often-heard sonorities, she excels.”        –Mark Estren of Washington Post, INFODAD, Vibrant & Varied

"Manages to tug at the emotions of the listeners….  Miles has produced an impressive instrumental display of composition.”        — pittnews/nalada-tells-stories-without-lyrics/

“Fearless… New music informed by a punk ethos and a highly distinctive sonic palette.  From the disorienting, hypnotic “Medieval Love Song” to the coy, coquettish “Folie a’deux,” Miles adeptly sets her own instrument as both subject and relief, and in the process creates moods and music of the highest order.” ”  

       –-Bob Lord, Parma Recordings

“Composer and performer Lisa Miles combines classical chops and punk rock influences in both her spirited solo work and unique collaborations with other instrumentalists–both of which come through in force on NÁLADA.  Her CD release features wildly original compositions for acoustic and electric violin and mandolin."                                                 — Ravello Records

“Lisa plays with a remarkable combination of drive and sensitivity. We played together at the Frick Fine Arts years ago and she generously included our “Potent” on her entrancing recording NALADA—a dozen $ well spent.” 

    –Dr. Anne LeBaron,  Electric Harpist, California Institute of the Arts

from fans

"This track is so powerful, it is in my favorites for a reason!  Thank you ~ Stacy G. on "Serpiente de Nuit"

“So soundtrack worthy…You communicate so much emotion w/ so little.” -J. Smythe

“A straddle between psychotic and soothing….” – L. Freign

“Awesome… haunting and cinematic, very visual.  I can see this track with my ears.” -Jason B.