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Erba Della Strega Mag. (Jan. 5, 2020) on ARCHAIC FIRES album:

English translation:
Its the right time for "Archaic Fires To Awaken Being," the first full-length of JESUCRISIS. The work, in fact, officially closes the "Chilean period" of the band - which runs from 2001 to 2017 and characterized by the more traditional "Gothic-Latin" and here opening the "United States period." Here the influence of violinist and mandolin player Lisa Miles comes out, working hand-in-hand with fellow composer Vladimir Munoz and making the work of the reviewer more complicated. The violin, and in some cases the mandolin (!), are not played as a mere instrument of "accompaniment," a sort of orchestral and classic touch to the melody - we think of Bob Loveday in Eden House - but instead is s a focal part of the musical architecture. The album, dedicated to all peoples who are fighting for their rights, although it has a “slightly fluctuating” sound production quality, has many interesting ideas in its DNA. Listening to "Serpiente De Nuit", "Sister Moon" or the exclusive single "Rose of the Monolith," obscure gothic, dark folk - let's remember what the devil's favorite instrument is - combined with a surreal deathrock and avant-garde mood. Knowing the Gothic pedigree of the readers of this magazine, I can frame the original Jesucrisis sound between Requiem In White / Mors Syphilitica and Swan Death with a touch of the more ethnic Engelsstaub without risking not being understood. Out from January 6 in limited physical version.

"The album feels good, masterful..." EDS blog w/ link to Rose of the Monolith video 

GUTS OF DARKNESS music mag, Dec. '19

     "Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know, deathrock can't be renewed; there is the Los Angeles school, the Hispanic (including Mexico), possibly the more punk aspect typical of the Portland region (and many other very pretty corners of the world)… Blah, blah, there is always smart formations which slip between these hasty and reducing categorizations, like Jesucrisis for example. Would you like to listen to a deathrock version of Heroes del Silencio? It’s possible with them. It must be said that the genesis of the combo is not trivial who will see the Chilean musician Vladimir Munoz leave his country and settle in the USA to work with his partner, the violinist Lisa Miles (also gifted with the mandolin, unusual instrument of the style and yet... what explains the group's special bent?... [more, see sidebar]

Skullgirdle VIDEO Interview of Vladimir & Lisa, Aug 2019

Terra Relicta  Feature on  the Band & Video Premiere of "Rose of the Monolith" 


Nota Negra web magazine Interview w/ Vladimir Munoz, Dec. 2018 (English here, below)

April '18 Frecuencia Nebular Video Feature on Vladimir, Lisa & "Serpiente de Nuit"

Dec 2017 "Serpiente de Nuit"/ Feature on Lisa & Vladimir's work on Terra Relicta Feature on Serpiente de Nuit, Nov. 2017  (Foto & excerpts below; orig. no longer available)

Interview w/Chilean Goth Rock Band Jesucrisis by Oscar Flores of Al Lado Del Farol, 12 Agosto 2015 (English here, below)

🕸️  Spotlight ~ Excellent Review of the Jesucrisis EP: (orig. no longer avail)  by Daniel Olvera August 2015:

       I’m really glad with the high quality release from this remarkable Latin-American band. They are Jesucrisis from Chile, and their music is a perfectly balanced combination of Death rock and Gothic Rock; the result is an exciting sound which is really dark, very exciting, and well crafted.

       This EP was made by real musicians with remarkable skills: The song writing and the execution are flawless, thus they have created this very enjoyable fusion of the gloomy excitement of Death Rock, and the elegant and sophisticated harmonies of the finest guitar-oriented Gothic Rock, spiced with those ominous keyboards. They sound likeChristian Death meets Septima Sima, and this is good…really good indeed!

       We can appreciate other influences in their music, but they have drawn a very distinctive style at the end. This E.P. was released almost two years ago and is really worth to have a listen.  “Cenizas” is pretty solid Gothic Rock; the combination of the strong-paced rhythm, fluent melody, and the influence of Rozz Williams in the vocal harmonies, is simply captivating. “Espectros” is vertiginous Death Rock; yes, this is true Death Rock of the New Millennium, and it is a real sucker punch right in the face of those mediocre, self-proclaimed “Death Rock “poser bands. This is real music!
      “Necrologia Del Amor” has a ghostly waltz-paced rhythm; this is another track with some influence of Rozz Williams, and this is pretty well done. This song is very classy indeed. “Empireo Cismatico” is superb Post Punk-Gothic, flawlessly executed. And finally…The best! “Sangre Y Piel” is fascinating Gothic – Death Rock; they have displayed again their dominant mastery while combining both music styles.

       Jesucrisis is an honest band, pose free, and they are one of the best Latin American bands because they are very talented artists; and they have real dark hearts. If you like Death Rock and Gothic Rock, don’t miss this one, it is a stunning release.   ► by Daniel Olvera

“Jesucrisis recently played a few shows in L.A. with Ravens Moreland and Rikk Agnew Band. Vladimir Munoz (bass/vocals) and his wife Lisa Miles (violin) were on tour promoting their impressive new CD Archaic Fires to Awaken Being.  Superb... The songs are dark and haunting—absolutely beautiful from beginning to end. Lisa’s violin will slowly tear your heart apart (especially on “Spokoynaya Noch”).  If you’re into Christian Death, Fields Of The Nephilim, et cetera, you’ll dig Jesucrisis...” ~ Deb Frazin, RAZORCAKE mag

“Enigmatic project... ‘Spokoynaya Noch’ is pure beauty ... [taking you] away from all that has haunted us lately. ‘Rose of the Monolith’ begins with delicious darkness... The 80s/90s traditional gothic feeling is certainly there, although with a mystical, distinct approach you must hear to understand. Their recording style makes an impact–you feel as if you are listening to this album’s performance live. I think, as we are trapped in the sorrows of today, something on this level, art that feels this genuine, is very welcomed.” ~ Darkwave Publications, May 2020

“Two amazing musicians” ~ Bruce “Ravens” Moreland (LA punk/deathrock legend, founding member Wall of Voodoo, The Weirdos, Nervous Gender... Bruce invited Jesucrisis to tour LA/SoCal with his band w/ Linda LeSabre, RAVENS MORELAND)

"Obscure gothic, dark folk combined with a surreal deathrock and avant-garde mood” ~ Erba Della Strega mag.(Jan. 5, 2020) of ARCHAIC FIRES

“You’ve managed to give us a little gem of an album,  full of inventive tunes.  It genuinely brings something new to our sometimes slightly ossified scene... It is an honor to be a small part of it!” ~ Jay Ravine, guitarist for The Flatfield (Finland) on ARCHAIC FIRES

“JESUCRISIS is a smart formation which slips between hasty and reducing categorizations… What explains the group’s special bent? The mixture of influences between the South and the North of the American continent? The atmosphere is privileged by more than just a saturation of guitar— songs are haunted by Vladimir and the bass rhythm, put forward to launch [the songs’ dynamics]. The influence of the electric violin is evident on the new songs. It replaces the keyboard with something less cold and much more elusive, mystical (magnificent Serpiente de Nuit). Jesucrisis are about to transcend their purely deathrock influences with almost Eastern impulses which enrich more than they betray these roots.” — Guts of Darkness, the Archives of Shadow & Experimental Music mag 12/17/19

“They were at the height and the process of maturation as is evident in a band” ~ Cueva de Murcielagos, producer of JESUCRISIS Lima show of the Latin American tour March 2019

🕸️   “Elegant and sophisticated harmonies... An exciting sound, very dark and well-crafted... If you like Death Rock and Gothic Rock, don’t miss this one, it is a stunning, high quality release.”  ~ D. Olvera,

Erba Della Strega mag. (January 5, 2020) on Archaic Fires


Skullgirdle Video Interview of Vladimir & Lisa, Aug 2019


Nota Negra Interview w/ Vladimir Munoz, Dec. 2018

       Transcribed to English, in Excerpt:  

Interview of the founder of the band JESUCRISIS | Proletariat Gothic, Deathrock, Post-Punk (Chile/USA) formed in 2001 by Vladimir Muñoz.  Partner: the electro-violinist Lisa Miles.

Jesucrisis, the Chilean Gothic post-punk band that makes its way into underground circuits in Pennsylvania (USA)...        In conversations with the founder of the band Jesucrisis, Vladimir Muñoz, he told us about the history of his independent gothic rock band … about his new life in a neighborhood of the city of Pittsburgh, in the state of Pennsylvania-- a beautiful city surrounded by forests and rivers to the northeast of the United States. It is worth mentioning that his band emerged from Chile (the La Florida neighborhood of Santiago) and he has had it embark on this journey north of the world for a year now.

       “Vladi”, as his friends call him, also tells us of his objectives as an artist, of his new musical works that are coming, of musical self-management versus the industry; of the myths that surround this gothic music genre, and other topics. In addition to his bandmate, Lisa Miles (from Pittsburgh) is a violinist, an inspirer of his projects and his wife.

       Both Lisa and Vladimir are preparing songs for a future tour with live concerts internationally beginning in the year 2019, in addition to working on a new album that will see the light at some point in that year.

When did Jesuscrisis come about and what musical influences do they have?

Vladi: In 2001 I started looking for people to help me carry out the project, my musical ideas. For my part, my childhood was of rather modest means but I never lacked the books of my father. With these, in a sense, I traveled as in a boat to different cultures and times. When I discovered Bauhaus, Christian Death, The Mission, Fields of the Nephilim, Permanent Paralysis, Vikto Kino, Los Charchaleros, Víctor Jara and the more spatial songs of the Jaivas, Sol y Lluvia and many other bands, I saw that they were related to cinema, art, literature, culture, etc. So indeed it was a real journey to discover those sagas.

Is there something heretical or satanic behind the lyric or the staging of your band?

Vladi: Not at all satanic, because that is invented by that pretentious thing of Christianity... and we do not want to have anything to do with any type of supremacism. I would say that it is more rebellious than heresy, and inspired by the things that have caught my attention with respect to some topic in the field of arts, literature, cinema, history, etc … As well, we like the idea of mother earth as divinity more than any other spiritual concepts.

Being the gothic rock and post-punk genre, which are some header bands that inspired Jesucrisis? Could you mention some?

Vladi: Originally the bands that I mentioned here before. But now I would add that I listen to more classical, ethnic, folkloric music of different cultures or countries. They can be inspirations too.

How difficult was it to make way in the local circuits of Chile being an emerging band? And what do you think about the music industry and the specialized media?

Vladi: It depends on what you want, if you enjoy playing and you are not trying to be famous, connected and a millionaire, you can take it very well and enjoy it. But if you want to make your way from the local music scene to the broader music industry and media scene, I think one must be prepared for the worst. Even though your work might be good and you put a lot of effort into your project, it is very possible that people do not react as you would like and you can get frustrated along the way. With regard to Jesucrisis, it is more important to enjoy the process of creation and if there are people who like it, much better.

How do you see self-management and the organization that the bands are making to break through and captivate their audience?

Vladi: In our case it is the daily work of many, many years. Lisa and I together (and Lisa as a solo artist of many years) are totally self-managed, and with the support of other people who also self-manage. This underground independant movement is one where you have to learn to be self-taught in many matters of technology, sound, instruments... It is interesting, it is a way of a lifetime.

Is Jesuscrisis now producing a record or have in mind some future tour?

Vladi: Currently the band is based in Pittsburgh, USA. We are working on the composition and recording of the new album that we want to finish as soon as possible. We work in our old house and outside yard, and are inspired by the natural environment of our neighborhood and state, a little away from civilization to enjoy the process of creation... immersed in the exploration of ideas for new songs and videos.

What’s the name of some of the material on the new album? … Tell us a little? Also in the future to promote it, do you have any tour in mind to present this new album?

Vladi: “Knives On My Silhouette” (English) is previously released but re-record and mix coming) is about how you can hurt the innocence of your actions and goodwill... you have to be prepared for the worst at times, and contend with not losing one’s honor, or becoming a twisted person. Regarding “Insuficiente Temptation Temptation” it is an irreverent post-punk number with a dynamic bass and interesting guitar collage that colludes with the electric violin of Lisa Miles.

And “Serpiente of Nuit” is exotic,  inspired by myths of goddesses, and which was recorded with the participation in the drums and guitar by Max Vdh of Argentina; Lisa Miles of course the electric violin. Bass and voice for me.

And what else is Jesuscrisis working to include?

Vladi: We are now finishing a song with the Helsinki guitarist of the band The Flatfield, “DR Jay” Ravine, which is inspired by old Russian tales.

Have you played in other countries?

Vladi: Yes, in Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, Barcelona, and soon in the United States ...we have enjoyed playing and enjoying with very good people. It has been excellent experiences.

On a different note, how do you see the political reality in Chile? Do you think there is a kind of overlapping extermination towards the Mapuche indigenous people?

Vladi: Unfortunately, Chile is a neoliberal experiment that has given terrible results for the citizens. There is a lot of money for enterprising companies to come in and exploit natural resources. Effectively there is an extermination of the Mapuche culture, it is part of the capitalist plan.

With what ideology or political current is Jesucrisis identified?

Vladi: We believe that when the ideas of supremacy pass through the mind of the human being, everything starts to get screwed up. Our political ideology is to be on the side of the most unprotected, and of love, of respect and sweet darkness.

What bands have you recently heard that inspired?

Vladi: Spiritual Front, The Flatfield, OBB, Two Witches, Chaos Research, The Wake, Dark Side Cowboys, Recipe Morado, Effecto Violeta. And sometimes we hear interesting things that go up on Facebook pages like in the “Other Demons” group of Barcelona, and Goth in Mexico, Suramerica Obscura... among others.

Tell us about your writing and rehearsal process?

Vladi: Well, in the nature that surrounds us is inspiration. For example one day I saw a very beautiful bird that sang incredible, and that inspired me to compose an idiosyncratic song comparing this bird, in some capacities, to the underground artist. Another composition in the works is a comparison of the similarities between the Mapuche and the Iroquois natives of North America.

When Lisa and I play music in the very old house studio, we burn incense, but especially sage (which is a white bulb of the bulb spot- salvia apiana- from the coastal mountains of California). The sage, uncommon in Chile, comes in a wide-leaf bundle that is appreciated for its strong aromatic properties and good vapor... and we use light of candelabra to achieve stillness, and to be able to enjoy being disconnected from the outside world. It is a very pleasant sensation for us as we are recording the audios of the recordings that we created.

Do you have some words you want to close the interview with?

Vladi: Love, respect and sweet darkness... We will end with these last words.

Frecuencia Nebular Video Feature on Jesucrisis

Feature on Vladimir & Lisa and their "Serpiente de Nuit" ~ Nov '17


Highlights not shown:  

Serpiente de Nuit "is about the Thelemic night-sky goddess"... Lisa saw Vladimir's lyrics as perfect for her composition...

"Vladimir began to play around with a deathrock drums dimension to the music, and he enlisted Max Vdh of Mendoza, Argentina... 

Vladimir also began to come up with vocals as he listened to the violin while bicycling around his hometown of Santiago de Chile.  Meanwhile, he set Lisa upon the task back in the States of adding some arabian mandolin accents to the mix (none too difficult, judging by her other original work since the 90s)...

Vladimir and Lisa were pleased with being able to put elements of the piece together in person...."


Interview w/ Chilean Gothic Rock Band Jesucrisis by Oscar Flores of Al Lado Del Farol, 12 Agosto 2015

Jesucrisis is a band of gothic rock that was formed in 2001 in Chile. Their music not only is influenced by dark rock, but also literature and poetry. They are actually inspired by la muerte and express its spectre... In 2012 I saw them play in the Cadaver Fest, which took place in the center of Lima. They say that while there is a consciousness of rock in Latin America, it is still sleeping due to dis-unity. They believed that the explosion of rock in Peru had been with Los Saicos and know the local bands 13 Lima, Scourge Quest, Queen of the Damned and Sweet Death. They hope to return soon to our country.

     -What are your musical influences?

Vladimir Munoz (Bajo, voz y coros): We are influenced by Bauhaus, Fields of the Nephilim, Permanent Paralysis, The Mission and other bands.

     -Are you influenced by The Sisters of Mercy? Vladimir: I could say that yes, when I began to play bass I used the themes of Sisters of Mercy to practice. I also wanted to make metal, but could not hear the sound of the bass I desired... then, Sisters of Mercy I liked more because the bass is heard more clearly. Personally there has always been a direct reference to Fields of the Nephilim, Bauhaus and Christian Death. They inspire me much.

     -Your songs speak of darkness, death, ghosts and coffins... what do you want to convey in your compositions?

Vladimir: Well for example, we have a theme called "Espectros," (Spectres) which is a mixture of a poem by Victor Hugo complete with shadows and ghosts...and that we also took from Plato's "Allegory of the Cave". The thought of Jesucrisis starts from death, but not literally. Not in the sense cliché, but in the sense of awareness that time goes fast and that we will die someday, so we enjoy love, sex, life. The music is also one of the tools to expand that consciousness as in Plato's "Allegory of the Cave". The "Spectra" are projected at the bottom of a cave inhabited by men who observe these spectral figures and think that the reality is that... and not what is out of the cave. In this case, we would use music to free us from paradigms and molds. With it we can create, discover new realities and sensations. It encourages imagination and creative ability. I think that Jesucrisis projects the dark side of life. Each song is basically a swing between tension and harmony, between light and darkness.

     -Currently are what albums or songs are listening?  Vladimir: These days I am listening to the songs of Avalanche Black of Buenos Aires. We play with them on June 6 in Santiago de Chile. Their rock is elegant and full of magic. The vocalist sings very well and the staging is wonderful... the public was very attentive when they arose here. There are plans to play with them in Argentina for the summer. In addition, I'm hearing a Bolivian compilation entitled "Bolivia Goth volume 1", which brings together part of the dark musical history of that country.

     What is your opinion of dark rock in Latin America and in your country? Do know about the bands?  Vladimir: There are good bands in Latin America and I am aware that something is happening, something is brewing. Haber, of Colombia... I also know the black metal groups Fedra (being women), and Thy Antichrist. Of Venezuela, I have heard the work of Alan's band Effecto Violeta, broadcasting independent music. Of Ecuador groups La Calle Morgue, Parasites, Acqua Tofana, Hemophilia, Lilith of Hell... and Diego Suárez of the print magazine "Tales from the hidden side". In Brazil I know Scarlet Fevera, Obsessiva grouping. In Uruguay, I and our female singer like RRRRRRR. Of Peru I know Sweet Death, the Queen of the Damned, Scourge Quest, Obscene Sor and Lima 13. Of Bolivia: Alcoholika la Christo. In this country we can also find representatives of the protogoth as Autorev, Liquid City and You Vow. There are also groupings of neoclassical darkwave which are expressed in the melodies of Dreams of Crow, De Profundis, the Society of the Black Souls, Syndrome, Bestiality, Necrophilia and Asereth. The style of bands such as Amphisbaena, Spurious, Belle Mystère, Lune de Minuit, reflecting clear trends to the gothic rock, deathrock, and darkwave. Each of these artists reflect the darkness in their sounds in an authentic way. From Argentina: I listened to Bereshit, Sacré Nom, Anger Machine, Avalanche Black, Raisers and Euroshima. From Chile: Dr Body, Xenobita, Binzatina... We've played with Ammonia, Dux Nox, Blood Roses, Ultrastigma, Lands End, D Arbeiter.

     -Is there a movement underground in Chile... is there room for bands like yours?

Vladimir: If you did a comparison with the European festivals, I know, would say that in Chile the spaces make them, as well as the managers of bands of indie rock. In my country the rock exploded in the 1980s with the prisoner thing that still has not happened in Peru. Currently there are vestiges of that explosion and I know that your country does not come with much information of Chilean bands and even less so if are dark. I thought that actually the explosion occurred in Peru with Los Saicos (band of garage rock and proto punk formed in 1964 in Lima). I think that the countries of Latin America are not so interconnected as happens in Europe. They are encapsulated in bubbles created by the media in each country. For ex., I do not think that Chile spreads independent music through their official mass media to the world... I tell you that formerly managed mail disks of independent bands thanks radio such as "Marginal of the University of Chile music" programs and its creator Guillermo Escudero. Currently on the internet anyone can find out everything that you like.

     Video de "Sangre y Piel": Video

     -You participated in 2011 in the Corpse Fest held in Peru. How did you like this experience? Do you know bands similar to you in Peru? And do you think you will return to Lima?

Vladimir: Ohh Yes, corpse Fest... It was a festival that took place in 2012 in Lima thanks to the union of several South American producers... as Corpse Terrorist from Mexico, Sinister Quito of Ecuador and Peru Cave of Bats. This festival - the first in its kind - brought together dark bands of America as La Calle Morgue, Dead Mirrors, Parasites, Vampsick and the Dead, Hemophilia, Illusion Wilt, DuxNox, Sweet Death, Trapodolls, among others. These bands showed their art on the two dates that lasted the festival, and was well received. The experience was fantastic, because we met in downtown Lima an almost medieval beauty. We visited an underground cemetery of skulls (catacombs) and found very good premises of rock events. The guys at Cave of Bats (organizers) were very kind with us and we enjoyed their company and we feel the empathy of the bands. We much miss and hope to return to Lima and enjoy ourselves with the 'gothrockers' from there. Of course, when we think back to this time, we have the desire to come back and be able to do something like Corpse Fest.

     How long have you been doing rock, and can you tell us a story about any gig?  Vladimir: We started in 2001 and the following year we did our first demo. An interesting anecdote occurred when we played in a neighborhood stigmatized by crime. Suddenly, the local was filled with heavies, punks and gothics, and everyone listened at the concert, was very attentive despite their differences. This confirms many decent people who appreciate music and arts are living in neighborhoods that are stigmatized.... Another anecdote happened to us one day when we were playing the song of Billy Idol's "Rebel Yell". A youngster moreno with platinum blonde hair took the stage to sing the chorus, and when he came down he tripped over wires and spoiled the gig.

     -Do you think that the rock is a vehicle for trying to change society?  Vladimir: I think Yes. In prisons, it is very rare to find rockers, most listen to reggaeton (laughs). Music for us "synchronizes", connects us to others and strengthens our social ties. In addition, it transmits our traditions and helps learning. There is music to every emotional situation. Most of the rockers are intelligent people. Music also activates the left hemisphere of the brain, which is the analytical side. This allows us a broad and rich perspective.

     -If you are told to choose a rock album, what would it be? 

Vladimir: Only one? Ummm... It would be Bauhaus "In The Flat Field." Since the disk is a dense and claustrophobic album.

     -What does your band name, Jesucrisis, mean?  Vladimir: It comes from the fusion of two words: Jesus and Crisis. This is due to the crisis we see in the Catholic Church and the crisis of authority in intellectual and political order. This crisis is reflected also in the struggle between men for the defense of their creeds and when people see faith as the only truth.

ORIGINAL INTERVIEW:…/entrevista-banda-chilena-jes…/