Latest~ Lisa's original music

JESUCRISIS album release 12/25/19 

LA/SoCal tour Feb 2020 & Lumous Gothic Fest, Finland, July '20

... see JESUCRISIS page of this website!  

Nov 2019 exclusive single (and JSC digital album bonus track) of Serpiente de Nuit Solo Violin & Mandolin

Guest on Exclusive Single release Sept. '19 by Two Witches (Gothic Rock, Finland), along w/original member of band The Nosferatu

 Jesucrisis Latin American Tour March 20-30th, 2019--  The band headlined three shows (two dates in Santiago de Chile and one Lima, Peru)

2018 Lisa solo EXCLUSIVE SINGLE w/ renowned Berlin-based vocalist Ger Egan (of 90s dark post-punk This Burning Effigy & current-day gothic rock October Burns Black).

A few solo pieces of Lisa's were added to her discography on Bandcamp in Spring of 2019 & 2018, as well:  Vicissitudes, Violo & Tensile Strength.

2017 New band member w/dark postpunk  gothic/deathrock JESUCRISIS.  Two collaborations released the first year, one the Exclusive Single "Serpiente de Nuit," which set the stage for some new compositional direction within the band.   Lisa also laid  tracks  for The Flatfield, Two Witches and Chaos Research gothic and darkwave bands/ensembles in Finland.  (Lisa having attended the Lumous Gothic Festival in July and doing studio session work).

2016   Lisa's well-received 4-track EP Intention was released, remixes of her best new solo work since 2015.  As well, she had inclusion in a Post Alternative Visions compilation with the Exclusive Single "As Moths," a collaboration w/ an Italian poet.   Collaborations and Exclusive Single w/Greek gothic artists  Come With Reverse (Bonus Track on Mislealia Records for "Imeros.")   

2015  Live gig w/ Come With Reverse at the Silver Dollar in Thessaloniki, Greece (Dec).  Lisa also began film/ soundtrack projects with Reverse composer/ keyboardist Alex Passalides.  

2012 Solo performances at The Cornelia Street Cafe (Greenwich Village) NYC and Youngstown State University (w/ additional literary engagement). 

2011 NALADA CD (Ravello Records), w/ support by Joe Strummer Foundation for New Music

Prior~   Lisa was an integral part of the post-punk scene in Pgh, Pennsylvania and began creating original music ("classical punk") in the 90s... many of them cross-disciplinary works with indie filmmakers, dancers, and theatre and visual artists.  This music later showed up on her CD NALADA .  Ongoing since high school, Lisa has been playing professionally in regional symphony orchestras.

"Fraction" ~ Exclusive Single w/ Ger Egan

Background info on "Fraction"

      A piece conceived & composed on electroviolin two years prior, “Fraction” is an Exclusive Single with Berlin-based Ger Egan (of renowned dark post-punk/ gothic bands This Burning Effigy and current-day October Burns Black).

      The composition for  Lisa  was significant, yet needed another 'voice.' (Only Lisa was thinking instrumentation, not literal.)  Ger had actually approached Lisa for collaboration after he first heard her original music in Dec. 2016.  He dug deep into the content behind this work that Lisa decided to throw past him, figuring out the emotions and responding as an artist of great depth.  The music quite clearly became a very mutual composition by the time Ger had his intense say with it.  

       Other work together is in development, one in particular as a follow-up to "Fraction."  

JESUCRISIS footage from final show of the Latin American '19 tour (Lima, Peru)


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Accolades/ Reviews

Accolades/ Reviews

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Accolades/ Reviews

Accolades/ Reviews

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Two Witches guest track

Lisa guested, along with Nosferatu founding member Vlad Janicek on bass, for a Two Witches (gothic rock, Finland) exclusive single, “Deepland,” August 2019.  Lisa laid this track while attending the Lumous Gothic Festival in Tampere, Finland, July '17, in the studio of Marko Hautomaki of Two Witches and Chaos Research 

As Moths~ Exclusive Single... Solo Electric Violin con Italian Poetessa

"Espectros" by Jesucrisis, Live at Caja de Musica in Santiago de Chile, March 22, 2019

Imeros ~ gorgeous piece Lisa played electric violin on to Petros Leivadas' mandolin (Come With Reverse, Greece)... included later as digital Bonus Track on "Composing Serenity" album (Mislealia Records originally)

Little Background on Lisa's Music

Lisa is a classically trained professional steeped in the post-punk underground since University years.  Not just pretty, pretty violin but uniquely original solo pieces and she a  powerful guest or collaborator who  brings dark, atmospheric punk spirit and bite.   Her original work ranges from dark, edgy, textured, dissonant, uniquely rhythmic… to spacious, haunting, meditative and distorted (real instrument soundscape). Driving and atmospheric industrial ambient electronic sound as well as previous spirited, inventive, heavy chordal and lush dark pieces composed for acoustic strings (violin w/cello, bass)– many done in collaboration w/ dancers, filmmakers and theatre artists as well as solo performance set. 

Lisa took a bit of a hiatus from composing original material, or performing solo or with bands while she had two literary works published ('02 and '07).   She returned full-force to her main creative interest in 2015– her original music.   This time though, solely on electronic violin and mandolin, and solely of the darker sound she most gravitated to when first becoming versed in post-punk underground artists, and which has always internally steered her sound.   

Since 2015, Lisa has worked with artists from Greece, Italy, France, Venezuela, Mexico, Finland, Ireland, Germany and Chile.   Her solo and collaborative material has been played on radio podcasts across North America and Europe, and spanning  from Argentina to Australia, Alaska to Russia,  Iceland to Chile.  Her discography is available for streaming and purchase at Bandcamp. com.   

Prior to her renewed work of the last couple years, Lisa had numerous collabs w/ musicians going back to the ’90s– tons of studio tracks, including composing & performing w/internationally-acclaimed avant-garde electric harpist Anne LeBaron (after Lisa's work caught her ears) and solo original set and indie performance film music showcased in NYC, Philly, Boston, Toronto & Argentina.  

Her formative influences?  The Clash, Joy Division, Nick Cave, Swans, Crime & The City Solution, World of Skin, Bauhaus, early Cure… Shostakovich.  Current likes and inspirations are colleagues found within the international, modern-day, dark post-punk scene... which include artists spanning from Latin America to Norway, Australia to Barcelona, Berlin, beyond...

As hers is distinctive original work suitable for film, theatre, dance and the like. Lisa is always interested in soundtrack/other commissions (large or small project) and licensing of original music.   She holds the rights to all of her original music -- thus pre-cleared, all sync & master controlled.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED  Contact for all inquiries. 


Intention EP ~ Electric Violin & Mandolin. 4 works from '15-'16. Dark Ambient Industrial Post-Punk

"Annegrette" ~ Come With Reverse w/ Lisa Miles ~ little dark electro number

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